DDP is highly committed to sustainability. We engage in various green initiatives that ensure our printing products, services, and solutions have the lowest possible environmental impact. We employ sustainable practices at every stage of production and as a crucial part of business operations, from material sourcing to final product shipping to increasing our efficiency and commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Here are the steps we follow to reduce our environmental footprint:

1.High-Efficiency Digital Printing

DDP has digital printing on demand services that allow you to order and pay for only what you need. Energy-efficient printing equipment and practices, ensures streamlined and fast printing of all orders. There is minimal waste of resources and energy, and you can enjoy high-quality results without compromising on production efficiency.

2.Responsibly Sourced Raw Materials

As part of our sustainability initiatives, DDP uses only authentic and professionally certified eco-friendly raw materials in our professional printing services. We source our paper and ink from reliable suppliers that have received endorsements from internationally reputed audit agencies like FSC, SFI, and PEFC.

3.Waste Mitigation Through Recycling Initiatives

DDP employs energy-efficient machines for all printing procedures. We also focus on efficient waste management by recycling excess and waste materials and following efficient packaging methods for shipping. Our entire printing system is fully optimized to cut down on paper and product waste.

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We are always evaluating our business processes, paper sources, and recycling practices to ensure that we make the smallest possible environmental footprint.

Energy- and Resource-Efficient Printing Practices

To improve the overall efficiency of our print solutions while maximizing our green efforts, we carefully choose our printing oils to produce stunning and sharp results with fewer applications. We keep oil consumption under check by reusing imaging oil and employing an oil recycling system that minimizes waste. DDP also has efficient waste management programs in place, through which we recycle paper stocks and use them for other applications.

To learn more about our green printing, production efficiencies, and eco-friendly practices, please contact us at info@ddpcsps.com.

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