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Signs are an important tool for immediately identifying a business and its brand. You can have the best office layout and branding strategy, but if you lack the proper signage that points people to your location or shows them where to go within your building, your clients and prospects will have trouble acquainting themselves with your brand or finding their way around your premises.

Signs can be made from a wide range of materials and formats, each of which creates a different effect and makes brands and messages pop. However, acrylic is the top choice for durable, lightweight, high-end signs that enhance your brand visibility and make a lasting impression. You can use acrylic signs to display your business’ brand, name, taglines, slogans, and contact information, or to direct clients to specific services or certain areas of your office.

Acrylic Sign Printing Options

DDP provides cost-effective, durable acrylic signs that will instantly boost the visibility of your business and brand. Unlike other printing companies, we offer a variety of acrylic sign printing options that you can customize according to your needs. For instance, we can create an acrylic sign that you can mount on your building, or a standup sign that you can use for your office’s reception areas or conference rooms. Add white or colored LED lights to make your sign stand out at any time of the day or night. We also offer frost and gloss finishes to complement your acrylic signs. In addition, our solid acrylic colors won’t fade, and we can use 3D or vinyl lettering to create the illusion of depth. Additionally, you can select from among several hole drilling options, such as top and bottom center, four corners, top corners only, etc.

We provide different types of acrylic signs, including:

  • Exterior Building Signs
  • Interior Building Signs
  • Lobby Signs
  • Directional Signs
  • Door Signs
  • Brand Letter Signs
  • Office Signs
  • Conference Room Signs, and more.

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Product Options and Specifications:

  • 14” x 11” (1/8 thickness)
  • 14” x 11” (1/4 thickness)
  • 18” x 36” (1/8 thickness)
  • 18” x 36” (1/4 thickness)
  • 18” x 48” (1/8 thickness)
  • 18” x 48” (1/4 thickness)
  • 24” x 48” (1/8 thickness)
  • 24” x 48” (1/4 thickness)
  • 27” x 46” (1/8 thickness)
  • 27” x 46” (1/4 thickness)
  • 28.25” x 67.5” (1/4 thickness)
  • 28.25” x 67.5” (1/8 thickness)
  • Custom Sizes Available

Printing & Finishing Options:

  • Printing: Full-color UV printing and direct printing on substrate.
  • Materials: 100% virgin methyl methacrylate monomer,acrylic plastic letters, acrylic square sign, acrylic rectangle sign, acrylic sign with round corners, acrylic oval sign, acrylic circle sign, custom-shaped acrylic sign, and more.
  • Additional Features: Opaque, clear, reflective, HIP reflective, no holes, holes at top and bottom, holes at left and right, holes at four corners, and more.
  • Quantity: Order 1 (minimum) to 100,000+ custom acrylic signs with DDP.

Get Quality Acrylic Signs for Your Brand at DDP

At DDP, we deliver quality work on every project by utilizing the best materials and the latest printing technology. Our team of print production experts is committed to delivering acrylic signs that meet the needs of your business and align with the standards of your brand. We are available to help you mount or install your acrylic sign at your location in NJ or NYC. If you are outside those areas, we can arrange to have your sign mounted by one of our trusted affiliates. When you work with DDP, you will receive the highest quality acrylic signs at affordable printing prices and, with our instaprint services, we guarantee quick turnaround times.

Looking for Quality Acrylic Signs That Will Help Your Business Stand Out?

We offer outstanding acrylic signs that will effectively display your brand and keep you at the top of your clients’ and prospects’ minds when they need your products or services. Contact us at info@ddpcsps.com or call us at 201-659-9600 to get the best acrylic signs on the market.

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At DDP, we value our clients and are excited to develop new, long-lasting relationships. If you are interested in learning more about our services and how we can maximize your marketing campaigns and communication efforts, please contact us to receive a free spending assessment, savings proposal, and quote on your next project!


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